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We are a trusted recruitment partner to some of the world's most innovative companies, earning a reputation for reliable, knowledgeable, and scalable services. 

Our team of specialists can help you find your next job or the best talent for your organisation, from start to finish. We will work with you to understand your company culture and skill gaps, and partner with you to overcome the challenges.

We use our far-reaching networks and state-of-the-art tech stack powered by AI/ML to attract top talent from across the globe, saving you time and effort.


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Who is CloudSource?

We are dedicated to connecting talented individuals with top companies, from institutions to rapidly growing startups. 

Our mission is to help accelerate your digital transformation roadmaps by filling cloud native skill gaps. 

CloudSource stands out in the crowded and confusing world of recruitment by consistently delivering results. We simplify the recruitment process and provide effective solutions to help you find and hire the best people.

Build your ideal team

We understand the difficulty of finding the right talent with the right expertise at the right time, especially in highly specialised industries like cloud native technology, given the high demand and limited resources. 

We know this because we are a fast-growing startup building services from scratch. We support organisations like yours every day with our consultation on cloud native talent solutions. 

With CloudSource, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of building your teams of technical specialists. 

We're with you every step of the way, from recruiting to onboarding new team members.


Work with us 

We help organisations around the world, from multinational software giants to global enterprises, reduce churn, improve internal culture, and build sustainable teams.  

If you are ready to work with our team of talent experts, book a call today!  

Our Services


Permanent Hiring

The current job market makes it difficult to find and attract top talent due to high demand and a limited pool of candidates. CloudSource can help your business find the best fit by understanding your company's specific requirements. Our services can help reduce your time to hire, optimise your recruitment budget, and improve your hiring process. 

We have a proven track record of representing our clients and can provide access to an unrivalled network of passive candidates. All of our candidates are thoroughly vetted by an industry professional to ensure our standards are upheld and suitable for your business.


Staff Augmentation

CloudSource offers the perfect solution for businesses looking to augment their in-house engineering teams with flexible contractors or to tap into specialised pools of high-level contractors for crucial projects on a PAYG model. 

Our extensive network of talent can quickly and effectively provide support, whether onshore, offshore, or nearshore. Through flexible working agreements, we can help you engage with a wide range of contractors to meet deadlines and adapt to workload changes and busy periods.


Project Solutions

Need to mobilize a project team quickly, but don't have the necessary in-house skills? CloudSource have the answer through our project services offering, we can provide a team of experts and start delivering from day 1! Taking away all the stress and headaches from our clients.

Meet The Team


James Toffrey

Managing Director


Hinaya Akram

Head of Talent Acquisition


Shamindhri Perera

Talent Account Manager

Our global presence

We are located in five countries.

Dubai, UAE


Sri Lanka



At present, we are hiring candidates from Europe, South East Asia, and the Middle East regions.

Talent Community

Being a talent partner in the tech ecosystem is about more than just recruitment.

Community is at the very heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on building engaging meetups, executive round tables, and random get-togethers in the EMEA region.

These events allow our members to come together and build relationships with one another, creating lasting connections that make our community even stronger.

Register your interest and we will be be in touch soon.

Connecting dots. Build a strong network.

If you're looking to exchange ideas on cloud native topics while seeking to build professional networks, this community is for you. The community provides a platform for like-minded professionals to share their experiences, collaborate on projects, and network with each other.

We host events once a month with well-known speakers and an engaged audience eager to discuss the best ideas in cloud native and platform engineering.

These events are designed to foster a collaborative community of tech professionals who are passionate about the latest technologies and trends in cloud native development.

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming local events.


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